Vitamin E+ Cream

Vitamin E+ Cream

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Vitamin E is a proven and powerful antioxidant. Vitamin E protects cell membrane from damage. It helps to maintain healthy skin by eliminating harmful free radicals generated during cellular metabolism, with its antioxidant properties.

Studies have shown that vitamin E may help skin recover from acne scarring and reduce the appearance of scars left by acne It assists your cells to deal with free radicals. Free radicals are the main reason for deteriorating cells and their increasing 'vulnerability'.

Vitamin E retards skin cell ageing & can be used to treat cellulite and scarring. Consistent use prevents age spots if used in combination with Biovera Parasol SPF20.

Some research suggests that it may prevent age spots as well. We only use natural vitamin E from expeller-pressed wheat germ oil, as natural vitamin E is more bio-available and thus effective. The addition of colloidal silver and grapefruit seed oil amplifies the beneficial impact of vitamin E. Our facial cream is light, totally scent free and is easily absorbed. It leaves a rejuvenating and refreshing feel on your skin.

Complete list of all ingredients:
Aqua, wheat germ oil, vegetable glycerin (from sunflower), vegetable wax (from sunflower seeds), 5.000 i.u. natural vitamin e (from wheat germ oil), colloidal silver, grapefruit seed oil.

60 ml per jar

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