Calendula Cream

Calendula Cream

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The flower petals of the calendula plant ( Calendula officinalis ), or marigold, have been used for medicinal purposes since at least the 12th century. Our potenised Calendula Cream is designed to promote rapid healing of rashes, cracked skin, cuts, sores and burns. It is especially suitable for hands and feet due to its rich soothing and moisturizing properties.

Calendula contains flavonoids in high amounts. They account for much of its anti-inflammatory activity.
Our calendula cream is often used to successfully treat contact dermatitis (a type of eczema caused by substance intolerance) and psoriasis. We recommend its use in combination with Biovera Neem Oil Soap and/ or Neem Oil Cream.

Complete list of ingredients:
Aqua, wheat germ oil, vegetable glycerine, sunflower seed wax,calendula officinalis extract,grapefruit seed oil.

60 ml per jar

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