Ayurvedic Shampoo

Ayurvedic Shampoo

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Ingredients matter, but so does performance. We believe you will love our 100 % organic ayurvedic shampoo for both reasons.

Finally, there is a genuine organic hair care product with 100% natural & wholesome ingredients that not only feels great, but does a marvellous job in preserving healthy hair & scalp. Our shampoo is ultra mild and its unique blend of ingredients is pH neutral. Thus it does not change the pH of your skin and it is non irritating.

Our organic shampoo contains only wholesome natural ingredients. Here’s why we chose them and what they will do for your hair and scalp:

rosemary - normalizes greasy hair, stimulates scalp circulation & encourages hair growth
soapwort - rich in surfactant properties, helps to form a rich lather, has superior cleansing abilities and has a very high skin tolerance, ideal for sensitive skin, has natural antibacterial properties
shikakai - a fruity nut from an Indian tree, very effective in removing oil and dirt from hair, prevents the scalp from getting dry
•jojoba oil - is one of the oils that have the best affinity to human skin, and is a moisturizer par excellence, it can be used on extra-dry and flaky skin to help restore elasticity and smoothness
•aloe gel - we only use organic active aloe 10 from Aloecorp, the company that defined the industry of this wonderful skin healer, it also possesses great humectant properties (acts as a moisture magnet)
•nettle - natural nettle extract is famed for its quality to help keep hair healthy and leave it feeling soft and glossy
•reetha - soap nut from India, it makes hair shiny and removes dandruff, a very suitable ingredient for color-treated hair
sea salt - sea salts have the effect of being a relaxant, bactericide, rejuvenator & skin healer, great natural preservative.

Why compromise when there is Biovera Shampoo Ayurvedic?

200 ml per bottle

Directions: Use 5-10 ml per application. We recommend using it 3 x per week.

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