Terrapeutic Shampoo

Terrapeutic Shampoo

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Our terrapeutic shampoo is made from the goodness of wholesome plant materials and healing herbs. This mighly-effective shampoo is especially suitable for those who experience scalp issues including psoriasis, eczema, itching scalp condition and dandruff. A powerful combination of nature's most potent healers awaits you. Our terrapeutic shampoo is also suitable for color-treated hair.

Complete list of ingredients:
Aqua, shikakai extract, reetha extract, neem oil, tea tree oil, sabadilla extract, euphrasia extract, rosemary extrac,t, nettle extract, chlorophyll, calendula extract, ginseng extract, sandalwood oil.

Biovera Terrapeutic Shampoo also offers a wonderful biological alternative to deal with head lice and scabies.
Neem oil sterilizes organisms and inhibits their growth. It has proven antiviral and antifungal properties. Tea tree oil provides additional antiseptic properties. Nettle is a natural anti-histamine. Sabadilla is used for its insecticidal properties. Rosemary stimulates blood circulation on the scalp, while euphrasia and calendula are added to our formulation for their anti-inflammatory properties. The wonder nutrient chlorophyll gives our shampoo its greenish color. Shikakai and reetha are used as non-irritating lathering agents (surfectants).

This mild shampoo is perfectly suited for sensitive hair and skin types and in particular, recommended for children. It avoids commonly used irritants such as sulfates, cocamide DEA (diethanolamine), tar or parabens. 

We recommend using Biovera Terrapeutic Shampoo in combination with Biovera Neem Oil Soap.

200 ml per bottle

Directions: Use 5-10 ml per application. We recommend using it 3 x per week.

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