Wellness Balm

Wellness Balm

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Our purely organic contribution to the wellness movement. This outstanding balm not only feels great on the most sensitive skin, it offers a large variety of health benefits.
A unique combination of healing herbs and expeller-pressed essential oils provide a sensational ‘home spa’ experience. The balm can either be massaged into the skin, added to a hot bath or used as rich body moisturizer with feel-good effect
It contains a healing combination precious jojoba oil, arnica oil, neem oil, rosemary oil, St. John’s wort oil and sunflower oil. Here’s some more details about they key ingredients of our balm: arnica contains sesquiterpene lactones, which are known to reduce inflammation and decrease pain. Neem oil is full of healing properties and commonly used in the ayurveda for treatment of skin conditions. Jojoba oil has the best affinity to human skin, and is a moisturizer par excellence and can be used neat on extra-dry and flaky skin, to help restore elasticity and smoothness. Sunflower oil is high in linoleic acid, vitamins a, b complex, d, and e.
Externally, it is suitable for treatment of bruises and dermatitis. Rosemary stimulates blood circulation, while St. John’s wort acts as a relaxant. In short, this wonderful organic balm promotes the lightness of being - wellness at its best!

Complete list of ingredients: Arnica oil, rosemary oil, jojoba oil, St. John's wort oil, neem oil.

100 ml per glass bottle

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