Biovera Parasol SPF20

Biovera Parasol SPF20

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Gentle, natural sun protection with broadband photostable UVA and UVB protection. Biovera Parasol feels like a refreshing, light moisturizer, while it prevents uv damage for up to 8 hours.

Biovera utilizes a new class of UV filters for cosmetics: PARSOL® SLX, the first polymeric UV filter for skin care. The molecular design is such that the UV-absorbing units are attached to a polymeric chain. The resulting polymeric UV filter forms a homogeneous film on the skin, in this way the UV-active units are distributed in the most effective way and more evenly than ever achieved before..

The major benefit of PARSOL® SLX is that it stays on the surface of the skin without penetrating into it. Due to its outstanding safety profile PARSOL® SLX is ideally suited as UV protection for day care skin care applications..

Our other screening agent, photo-stabilized Parsol 1789 absorbs harmful long-wave rays through the entire bandwidth of UVA light and was developed for sensitive skin. An overdose of UVA light may contribute to higher risk of skin carcinoma, damages collagen and elastin and may cause cell membrane damage).

The combination of parsols as screening agents does not prevent pigmentation of the skin. Hence it helps to activate our skin’s natural defense mechanism.

Biovera Parasol SPF20 achieves high SPF without compromising on the texture and feel of the product. Most important of all, it is suitable for the long-term use on even the most sensitive skin.

Along with non-irritating screening agents, the choice of natural free radical scavengers vitamins A,C and E provides maximum long-term protection of the skin’s defense mechanism and health.

Biovera Parasol SPF20 feels pleasant on the skin and the non-medicinal ingredients absorb quickly, while the uv screening agents remain on the surface of the outermost layer (stratum corneum) of your skin, where they form an invisible, reliable shield. It represents the most powerful topical anti-aging formula. It is suitable for all skin types from the age of 12 months.

However, the use of our or any other sunscreen is no replacement for sun smart behavior. We recommend limiting sun exposure between 11 and 4 in spring/ summer, due to higher uv levels during this time. UV levels above 6 are considered high and dangerous to our skin's health.

Complete list of ingredients:
Medicinal ingredients: Parsol 1789 (Avobenzone) 2.5%, Parsol 5000 (4-Methylbenzylidemcamphor) 4%, Parsol SLX, (Dimethico-diethylbenzalmalonate) 3%.

Non-medicinal ingredients: Aqua, natural Korean ginseng, sunflower oil, vegetable glycerin, calendula, vitamin A (carrot oil), vitamin C (from citrus fruit), vitamin E (wheat germ oil), active aloe 10 (aloe vera gel), mineral salt, peppermint oil.

100 ml per tube

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